• 60″ Tall, 22.5″wide,11″deep (152x57x30 cms)
  • Toys Pop IN and OUT, making picking up fun and maybe ending that bedtime battle?
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Holds A Bunch! 90+ average Sized Stuffed Animals.
  • Safe, for your kids with no exposed bungee cords and complies with Californian Regulations.
  • Attaches to Wall  with hardware provided to prevent tipping.

  • Bungee chords, wrapped in tubing for the safety of children
  • Takes under 2 sq/ft floor space.
  • Easy to assembleInstructions are supported by online video.
  • You Can Personalize the Header Board or give it that extra touch with The ZOO® Branded Logo.
  • Light Colored wood is multiply and comes sanded and ready to finish if you wish.
  • The ZOO® is the original Stuffed Animal Storage ZOO and is trademarked to the Hulton House Corporation. It is home to thousands of stuffed animals worldwide!

Oh! I nearly forgot our best testimonial:  “I like The ZOO because the animals can see out!

Imagine: No More Piles Of Stuffed Animals!

When our kids were younger, Our stuffed animal storage nightmare was draining our energy!

One day, my wife asked me if I could make a cage with bungee cords as used in stores for displaying balls.  The ZOO® evolved from this idea around 2003, and once I’d overcome safety and other issues, we started to sell it.

The ZOO® Is Designed With Your Child’s Safety In Mind.

I wanted to put my face here to emphasize the importance I have put on safety since the original design in 2003.

John Chisholm

Inventor of The ZOO®

I wanted to put my face here to emphasize the importance I have put on safety since the original design in 2003.  As with all good ideas, we have many imitators who’ve unfortunately  ignored it’s importance; especially as it’s for kids.  Here are the essential safety features designed into The ZOO®

Concealed Bungee Cords.

Elastic cords that are uncovered can become an entrapment hazard and can snap back into a child’s eye should the securing point fail or knot come undone.

Tipping Over.

The ZOO® is designed to attach to the wall with the hardware included to prevent it tipping. This should be followed for all tall items of furniture such as dressers in kid’s rooms.


The ZOO® Formaldehyde compliant under the Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) 93210 phase 2 regulations. It is also is free of toxins covered by the 2018 Californian Proposition 65 regulations.

A Word about The Wood.

Although the wood is lightweight, it’s made from multiply wood as was the famous British Mosquito fighter bomber of the second world war. So properly assembled and installed, it should offer years of use covered by our lifetime warranty on parts. I’m proud to say that my father flew this aircraft although sadly never to return from a mission in 1944.

Consumer Safety Compliance

The ZOO® complies with the following applicable rules, bans, regulations and standards enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), based on testing performed by the identified Third-Party Laboratory:



Fun to use!

Children can remove and replace their favourite soft toys and furry friends safely and easily.


Makes tidying up fun!

Children will enjoy putting things away for themselves.


Fun and Safe

THE ZOO is simple to install and safe to use. It screws to the wall for safety and takes up a minimal amount of floor space.

Made from sustainably-sourced wood, THE ZOO and has child-safe flexible bars that keep soft toys in and children out!

The Zoo conforms to the British General Product (Safety) Regulations 2005 and EN71 - part 3.

  • Bruce R

    Second item I ordered from this shop in less than 2 weeks due to excellent quality. Arrived within days. I highly recommend seller.

  • Bruce R

    Absolutely loved this! So cute and with many pockets for the child who likes to collect things along the way. I bought 1 for a granddaughter, and was so happy with it that I immediately turned around and ordered another for her cousin!! Highly recommend.

  • Samantha H

    I had questions on the sizing and they responded quickly and was super helpful. Came right in time and my kid is excited to wear it for Halloween. Especially love the clip on that went on the vest pocket!

  • oblakmc

    The zookeeper vest is well made! My sweet girl loves pretending to be a zookeeper and taking care of her animals!

  • Cameron

    Nice quality, matched the description, definitely exceeded my expectations! I love the little frog that pins onto the vest.

  • Sally S

    My grandson will be getting this for Christmas. He asked for a zookeeper costume and this is absolutely adorable. I hope he loves it! Seems well made and looks exactly like the picture. So much better than some of the other choices that were available.

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How The ZOO® Began.

The picture on the right is the original zoo I made for my daughter Trish in about 2003.  It took us a while to develop it into the product it is today with many parents and kids around the world now enjoying tidy rooms and no more picking up wars!

We have always wanted The ZOO to be safe and durable too, and we think it’s success has proven this to be so.

Connecting Kids and Wildlife.

In 2014, I felt The ZOO should also serve a greater purpose, and that is to help create awareness about the plight of animals and their environment in the world our kids will inherit.  So I set up a wildlife charity called Littlezookeepers Go Wild.  This has now evolved into the Endangered Species Fund working with other international Organizations.


This is our 2nd zoo we have bought, we needed another one for our son's room. Love these, great invention and product.

Peter J.

THE ZOO® has been a game-changer for me! My kids' soft toys used to be scattered everywhere, but now they're neatly contained and easily accessible. It's like magic!


Looks just like it’s pictured & arrived quickly! Nice it comes ready to mount to the wall for safety/stability (I hadn’t thought about that). Can’t wait to fill it in my son’s big boy room!

Marisa A

This is absolutely perfect for my kids play room! Will be ordering a second one soon!


Easy to put together and helped contain some of the madness!


A little tricky to put together but works well!


Great seller, faster shipping than expected. So glad I went with this product. Since the rope is covered, you don't get the tacky sagging like similar products. My daughter loves seeing all her stuffies 😍. Thank you!

I Like The ZOO Because All The Animals Can See Out!

All our kids’ stuffed animals had names, so it was impossible to to get rid of them. We tried things like nets, but the toys were out of reach and gathered dust.

Because it’s as much fun putting the animals into the storage zoo, as it is to take them out, picking up at bedtime was no longer an issue

  • The ZOO: $119.00 FREE SHIPPING

    Oh! I nearly forgot our best testimonial:  “I like The ZOO because the animals can see out!”

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  • Help Support Or Wildlife Charity

    Here are some of the organizations our North American supporters contribute to in order to advance their work.

    Read More 
  • Money Back

    We do not offer customization for The ZOO as it’s now manufactured exclusively for us in quantity using CNC machines and this is no longer possible.

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