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The ZOO ® Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

The ZOO ® Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

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  • 60″ Tall, 22.5″wide,11″deep (152x57x30 cms)
  • Toys Pop IN and OUT, making picking up fun and maybe ending that bedtime battle?
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Holds A Bunch! 90+ average Sized Stuffed Animals.
  • Safe, for your kids with no exposed bungee cords and complies with Californian Regulations.
  • ATTACHES TO WALL with hardware provided to prevent tipping.
  • Flex Bars us bungee cords inside a plastic tube to prevent entrapment.
  • Takes under 2 sq/ft floor space.
  • Easy to assemble. Instructions are supported by online video.
  • You Can Personalize the Header Board or give it that extra touch with The ZOO® Branded Logo.
  • Light Colored wood is multiply and comes sanded and ready to finish if you wish.
  • The ZOO® is the original Stuffed Animal Storage ZOO and is trademarked to the Hulton House Corporation. It is home to thousands of stuffed animals worldwide!
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