Privacy Policy

Littlezookeepers Privacy Policy.

Personal Information.

We value your business and trust and are committed to protecting your personal data. At no time is this information sold or shared to others.

The only data we collect from you is the data you provide to process your order and receive the products we sell.  We only retain your name, address and contact information in our password protected data base.  We generally do not receive credit card or other financial information as this is usually processed via PayPal or vendors such as Amazon that we may sell through.

Photos submitted to us in exchange for a rebate are covered under the terms of the rebate described here 

If for some reason we receive your card information, we do not record it on our computers.  We ask you not to send us card information via email.


Mailing List.

As a past customer, you may receive emails from us to share information we feel you might be interested in.  Each email offers you the chance to “opt out” of receiving future emails, in which case you contact information are removed from the list.

We do maintain mailing lists into which customers have “opted into” to receive specialized information such as that from our charity, Endangered Species Fund. You can always “opt out” on receipt of any communication from us.